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Executive Coaching for School and District Leaders

Sustainable district wide change starts at the top. Work with a virtual executive coach to expand capacity to lead and create meaningful improvements for educators and students.

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Personalized 1:1 Coaching for Leadership Growth

As a leader, your work is crucial to the success of teachers and students. But isolation and lack of access to differentiated professional learning opportunities and peers can be challenging. Break through these barriers with expertly matched Executive Coaching. Work one-on-one with an experienced coach to develop your leadership skills and study actionable strategies to achieve districtwide strategic initiatives. Over the course of a year-long program, you’ll gain the tools to support teacher and student growth and succeed as a leader.

Why Education Leaders Need Coaches

The Framework of Effective Leadership Coaching


Leaders work with their executive coach to brainstorm ideas and learn new strategies that they can immediately implement within their district.


Coaches help leaders craft their implementation plan, including the specific student and teacher outcomes they’ll measure in order to test the efficacy of new initiatives.


Using the data they collected, leaders and coaches collaborate to strategically choose their next steps as they continue to work together to improve teacher and student outcomes.

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Tailored Support from an Expert Educational Leader

All BetterLesson executive coaches are high-performing, veteran school or district leaders with expertise in adult learning. Our team of coaches come from diverse backgrounds across different leadership levels, geographical regions, subject expertise, and curriculum experience. Many of our leadership coaches have introduced new curricula or programs at their schools, led new technology initiatives, or have been otherwise recognized for exceptional leadership.


Choose Your Leadership Pathway

Leaders are paired with an executive coach throughout a year-long pathway as they work toward goals to support their unique needs and vision. Leaders may select a pre-existing coaching pathway or customize their supports based on individual goals.

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Solution-Oriented Leadership

Identify the challenges that impact your capacity to effectively lead and employ solution-focused strategies to improve outcomes.

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Value-Centric Leadership

Use your personal value system as a lens to influence your leadership and leverage your unique skills to produce positive outcomes within your district.

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Performance-Focused Leadership

Explore the factors that challenge your ability to lead your team to excellence and enact mitigation strategies to help enhance your performance.

“Having that thought partner who isn't connected to the district gives me the freedom and confidence to explore ideas and be creative. And having someone who can package these ideas and follow up in a way to help with implementation is so important. It's easy to get lost in the weeds.”

Jeff Cook, Principal, Wilson STEM Academy

"I felt that I grew very much as an educator. My coach enabled me to take risks, build on my successes, and reflect on my challenges."

“This coaching experience was tailored to my vision and goals. Amazing support and a portfolio was created to help me track my progress and learning as well as reflect on my practice. The regularly shared meetings were timed perfectly for check-ins.”

"Through participating with BetterLesson Coaching over the past three years, I have grown so much as an educator in ways that I never thought possible. This took teaching to new levels and PD was targeted specifically to areas that I needed, wanted to work on."

Begin your Executive Coaching journey

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